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Kunchikal Falls


Kunchikal Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in India and the highest tiered waterfall of the country with a height of around 1493 ft. Located in Agumbe, Shimoga, this waterfall is formed by the River Varahi and is the main source of one of Karnataka's hydro electric projects. The tributaries of River Varahi create several seasonal falls in the nearby forest during the monsoons. The sight of many smaller waterfalls surrounding the magnanimous Kunchikal Falls is magnificent. The natural beauty of this waterfall makes it a popular tourist attraction of the region.


Considered to be higher than the Jog Falls, this waterfall is the highest tiered waterfall in India. The fall is a primary source for one of the hydro-electric projects operating in Karnataka. During the monsoon season, the tributaries of Varahi River form numerous seasonal falls in the forests nearby.

Kunchikal Falls is a virtual mystery compared to most of the other waterfalls along the west coast of India. The falls are found along a large river, below a significant hydroelectric project yet there seems to be very little information about the falls available. What is known is that the river is almost entirely diverted into the adjacent hydroelectric system and the falls, which appear to consist of four distinct tiers over a run of about 1,500 linear feet, rarely flow heavily as a result. Below the falls the river formerly cascaded down a steep gorge filled with huge boulders, which might appear to be part of the falls at cursory glance, but without the full natural volume of the river in place, it's hard to think that was actually the case.

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